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Web Design
Web design can be seen as the formation of the original concept for your website. This means everything from the number of pages the site consists of to the individual layout of each page including links, logos, image placement and text areas as well as the interactive structure of the site including logon areas, online shopping baskets, product lists etc.
The prices associated with the web design module of your website are:

  • Basic HTML:consists of straight forward text and image areas, links and the basic structure of the website.
  • Photos: those that require making or (re-)editing by Whoosh Web Design and those that are placed by us on the client´s website fall under this category.
  • Logo design: is only applicable for those companies or institutions that at present have no logo and wish to let Whoosh Web Design create one for them.
  • Maintenance: can be performed on a client´s website by Whoosh Web Design whenever the client submits the necessary changes desired. Alternatively the client can maintain his own website manually or, by subject to a monthly contribution, using our unique Content Management System.
Our Content Management System is a unique design which provides our clients with the power to alter their websites to suit their own tastes.
Every facet of a website can be changed including the colour scheme, text and image placement. Emails can be sent, invoicing and stock management controlled, personal agendas, client listings, online shopping, online forums and helpdesks are just a sample of the available modules that can be added to this system.
The use of our Content Management System is of course optional and not necessary for all of our clients. It does however offer the best value for money solution to clients who wish to perform content changes in their websites on a regular basis.

Should our client require a hardware solution, Whoosh Web Design will on request and subject to an agreement on price, supply all necessary hardware that our client will need in order to fully automate their company or institution.

Open Software
By the use of open software we are able to reduce the costs of new workstations significantly

Office automation
By using our diary system you can reach your personal and professional diary from anywhere at any time, giving the possibility to join them to suit your needs. Even cross-company diaries are possible. Including taskmanager and deadline pre-warnings, all in your corporate style and adjustible to a high level

Through the use of our unique Content Management System we at Whoosh Web Design are able to offer an extremely high level of security for your website.

The placement of your website on the internet can be a daunting task; we at Whoosh Web Design will naturally assume this task for our client unless otherwise indicated. Including Domain registration, email setup, server administration. This all can be done on our own servers or in a server park of your choice.
Most of the com/net/org/be/nl domains we can offer at reasonable prices. At your choice for a period of one or more years you can secure your companyname on the internet.
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