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By using the media of an internet website to advertise your company or institution you have chosen as partner a powerful tool which is able to present your services, products and agenda in a graphically dynamic form.

Until now, this area of media presentation has been thought of as being affordable only to the wealthy and larger companies or well established institutions. This train of thought has served to enrich the already profitable organisations by giving them the edge in a relatively new area of marketing and, at the same time successfully deterring the smaller self-employed entrepreneur and `local club` from using this media through high pricing for design and implementation and the expensive maintenance costs associated with a website.

No one can deny the continuously increasing gains in internet marketing and the impact it achieves for organisations in growth.
To this end, we at Whoosh Web Design have dedicated ourselves and our years of marketing expertise to providing high quality, impact powerful websites at an affordable price.

We are specialists in an area of marketing that has the potential to reach an ever widening public, any given event or legal product can be advertised through the usage of a website with successful results.

Our strength at Whoosh Web Design lies in handing over the reigns of a client´s website to them and allowing by means of our unique Content Management System the power to alter the layout, content, and size of a website whenever, however and how often they should desire.
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